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Hi I am new to this. I thought there would be meal plans as well but obviously not. I do a lot of shift work so hopefully I can switch the fasting around. Will that be OK?. Also any ideas where I might get meal plans?

Hi, thanks for your request.

The principle of BodyFast is very simple - you can always  skip meals and give your body a break. On the one hand, this results in  numerous health effects and, on the other hand, weight loss, which also  depends on the frequency and duration of the fasting periods.

In  the eating periods you can basically eat what you want. This is also  the advantage BodyFast has over other weight loss methods. You do not  have to count calories or change your meals. 

Instead  of counting calories or following specific diet plans, we recommend a  simple rule of thumb that will help you develop a natural sense of  moderate and healthy portion sizes:

+  One full-size portion of protein-containing foods (meat, eggs, dairy,  etc.) and a fist-sized portion of vegetables at each meal.

+  For most meals, a hollow hand full of carbohydrates (pasta, rice,  fruits) and a thumb-sized portion of fatty foods like butter, oil, and  nuts.

These figures apply to women, men double the amount.

Of  course, intermittent fasting can also be combined with other diets such  as low-carb or ketogenic, ie carbohydrate-limited diet.

Shift  working and fasting can sometimes be complicated. We have the feedback  of many users who manage to integrate the BodyFast plans into their work  times. Try to adjust the fasting plan by moving the individual times of  each day according to your work schedule. This is possible during a  fasting week or before you start a new week. 

If  you are a Coach subscriber, each week you can choose a "Joker Day"  during which you can take a break from fasting. This also makes it  easier sometimes.

I hope that helps!

Kind regards, your BodyFast-Team

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I am been in this program for 30 days and only lost 5 pounds. I am trying to find the meal plans. How do I get the plans?
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